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 Access control repair

Kaba 790  is a RFID lock with the same hole pattern as the 760  lock with the batteries  and all of the electronic components in the front of the lock.

To reprogram a door will depend on which F.D.U. you have is the enter button Blue?
If it is you have the newest next generation if not you have the old generation.

 Problem: Your Guest keys are not working in the guest room.

  1. Try to reprogram the lock  and  make sure the time is correct in the device you program with.
  2. Now we need to start to replace parts, first is the reader head.
  3. Then the mother board in the lock

Problem: The guest key work in the room door but not exit door.

  1. Try to reprogram the lock (This will be programmed a a common area)   
  2. Make sure the time is correct in the device you program with.
  3. Now we need to start to replace parts, but is depends on which lock you have on which part you need to replace
  4. You also need to make sure the F.D.U has if features set up for the guest common area for the guest and the staff key's
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Kaba lock repair we do kaba 790 lock repair and kaba 790 lock replacment we also will install kaba 790 locks